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Meet the Staff

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Leadership Team

Leadership Team 1 Mrs H Johnston - Principal
Leadership Team 2 Mr J Anderson - Vice Principal

Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff 1 Nursery-Mrs D Seymour
Teaching Staff 2 P1-Mrs L Crosby-Numeracy and Play Coordinator
Teaching Staff 3 P1-Mrs K Curragh
Teaching Staff 4 P1-Mrs L Gardiner
Teaching Staff 5 P1-Mrs R Fraser-Literacy Coordinator
Teaching Staff 6 P2-Mrs E McKee-SLT, SEN and PE Coordinator
Teaching Staff 7 P2-Mrs K Patton
Teaching Staff 8 P2-Mrs A Stirling-PE Coordinator
Teaching Staff 9 P3-Miss R Loney-SLT-Pastoral Care Coordinator
Teaching Staff 10 P3-Mrs C Nixon
Teaching Staff 11 P3-Mrs C Matchett - UICT Coordinator
Teaching Staff 12 P4-Miss L Holmes
Teaching Staff 13 P4-Miss C Murdock-RE Coordinator
Teaching Staff 14 P4-Miss S Halliday-Art Coordinator
Teaching Staff 15 P5-Mrs L Sinton-Geography Coordinator
Teaching Staff 16 P5-Mrs A Todd-History Coordinator
Teaching Staff 17 P5-Mrs J Tuft-Music Coordinator
Teaching Staff 18 P6-Mr C Hyndman-Pastoral Care Coordinator
Teaching Staff 19 P6-Mr P Stirling-Science Coordinator
Teaching Staff 20 P6-Mr N McDowell-ICT Coordinator-Systems
Teaching Staff 21 P7-Mrs R Bailie
Teaching Staff 22 P7-Mr R Rowlands - PE Coordinator
Teaching Staff 23 P7-Mrs S Bell-SLT-PDMU Coordinator

Classroom Assistants

Classroom Assistants 1 Mrs J Andrews - Nursery
Classroom Assistants 2 Mrs E Casement - Nursery
Classroom Assistants 3 Mrs M Bradshaw
Classroom Assistants 4 Mrs K Allen
Classroom Assistants 5 Mrs T Chapman
Classroom Assistants 6 Mrs S Critchley
Classroom Assistants 7 Mrs F Finn
Classroom Assistants 8 Mrs C Hanna
Classroom Assistants 9 Mrs J Greer
Classroom Assistants 10 Mrs P Hanna
Classroom Assistants 11 Mrs C Gibson
Classroom Assistants 12 Mrs L Gordon
Classroom Assistants 13 Mrs H Lyttle
Classroom Assistants 14 Mrs J Hannigan
Classroom Assistants 15 Mrs G McKnight
Classroom Assistants 16 Mrs S McKnight
Classroom Assistants 17 Mrs K Porter
Classroom Assistants 18 Mrs W Porter
Classroom Assistants 19 Mrs J Rainey
Classroom Assistants 20 Mrs R Buchanan

Auxillary Staff

Auxillary Staff 1 Mrs S McClenaghan - Secretary
Auxillary Staff 2 Mr B Wells - Caretaker
Auxillary Staff 3 Mr S Park - Caretaker