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Important information


  • Yellow sweatshirt with Harmony Hill Nursery Unit logo McCalls of Lisburn
  • Plain, white, short sleeved polo shirt
  • Plain, black, elasticated jogging bottoms
  • Velcro shoes (trainers are acceptable)



If for any reason your child is unable to come to school please contact us as early as possible that day.  Please do not bring them to school if they are ill, even if they insist they must come. Please note that staff do not administer medicine e.g. pain relief or antibiotics. We have a sickness policy and nursery staff can advise you of the ‘exclusion period’ related to certain illnesses e.g. If your child is suffering from vomiting or diarrhoea we ask that they do not return to school until 48 hours after the last occurrence.


We will ask you for details of contact names and numbers incase of emergency / illness- it can be distressing for a child if they are ill and we are unable to contact mum/dad/another relative to take them home.


Please inform us if your child has a particular condition you think we should know about. e.g. asthma, allergies, eczema, etc.



This is the day your child actually starts Nursery.  Details of the start date and time of that first day are on the cover of this booklet.  


On your child’s first day, one parent is asked to be available to stay with him/her.  This will only be a short period for both of you - one hour approximately.  After the first day your child may be able to stay on his/her own and the period of time will be increased gradually as the child settles.


On the front cover of this booklet there is a copy of the time-table for the settling-in period that is planned for your child. However, please be aware that this is only a guide and this may need to be adjusted depending on your child’s needs once they start nursery.


Please prepare your child for when they will stay at Nursery on their own and always tell them that you will be back.


You may also find that your child is quite tired after Nursery - they are usually very active and busy during the Nursery day.  If possible please establish an early bedtime routine.  A well rested child is ready to enjoy the activities on offer the next day.



Many children feel more secure in school, especially at the beginning of the school year if they have brought something with them from home - a small toy, piece of blanket, teddy bear, etc, so please do not discourage this.  However, money, jewellery, etc can be easily misplaced and we would prefer if these were left at home.



A school sweatshirt with emblem (available from McCalls, Lisburn) should be worn with a white short-sleeve polo shirt and black track bottoms.


Shoes worn to school need to have a velcro fastening as shoes are often on and off numerous times throughout the day.  Please ensure that all footwear is suitable for climbing on outdoor equipment. 


All uniforms should be named  with appropriate labels. Staff are not responsible for any misplaced uniforms.  Warm clothing should be provided during the winter months (ie - hat, mittens and scarf) as we normally go outside for a short period each day. Please bring your child’s coat into school and encourage your child to put on and take off and hang up their coat themselves.


If children have an ‘accident’ at school they usually feel more comfortable if they can change into familiar clothes.  We therefore ask parents to give staff permission to change their child’s clothing when required and to provide a set of clothes for each child, which are kept in the toilet area.


On your child’s enrolment day (start date) please give the Nursery staff in your child’s session a full change of clothes in a named plastic bag. 


Should your child require a change of clothes during Nursery, please ensure that you send back in replacement clothing for his/her bag as soon as possible.  If there is an item missing from his/her bag we have a small set of spare clothes, marked with an ‘N’ on the label that we can use. Please remember to return any spare nursery clothes, e.g. – socks, pants, etc marked with an ‘N’ to the staff.  



We operate a Child Protection Policy in line with Child Protection guidelines as issued by the Department of Education NI (Circular 1997/4) and the South Eastern Education & Library Board.  The designated teacher within this Nursery is Mrs D Seymour.  The Child Protection Policy and all other policies are available on request.


Under Child Protection procedures all volunteer helpers for Nursery outings may be required to complete and submit a confidential application form for clearance by the relevant authorities.


Our adult/child ratio must for educational outings is 1:2 and for your child to benefit from educational outings it would be most helpful if volunteers put their names forward as soon as possible. Thank-you.



Our Nursery is run on guidelines issued by the Department of Education.  Our work/play in the Nursery is based on a Thematic/Topic Approach - art work, play activities, stories, music and Physical Education are all inter-related.


You will be informed about topic work and special events going on in the Nursery by a Nursery Newssheet given out at the start of each month.


Please read the Parents’ Noticeboard and whiteboard in the hallway as these will give you details of daily/weekly events and ideas to promote your child’s learning at home.


Parents, grandparents are always welcome to contribute to work in class - so if you are a dab hand at baking, in a profession related to our topic work for example, nurse, doctor, policeman, fireman, etc, great at reading stories or have a particular talent - please let us know - we can use your help. A ‘Suggestion Box’ has also been placed in the hall - please feel free to

use it.


Whilst at play we encourage children to finish the task at hand before leaving it and we also encourage them to tidy up.  It would be helpful if at home you too encouraged your child in the same fashion.


YOUR CHILD’S PROGRESS (Parent-Teacher Consultations)

We are a caring, friendly staff and hope that we continue to have open informal interaction with our parents.  However, your child’s progress will be more formally addressed throughout the school year.  After the initial ‘settling in’ period parents will be invited to attend an informal interview in Term 1.  Your child’s progress is also discussed with you in Term 2. You will receive a copy of your child’s Profile of Achievement, which is passed on to their P1 teacher, in June.


If however you have any concerns at all about your child, at any point during the nursery year, do not hesitate to have a chat with the class teacher.



Throughout the year we will be photographing the children at work to record their learning and to create a class photo album that is kept in the Nursery. These photographs are then put into your child’s personal photo album and you will be given this at the end of the school year.


On a pre-arranged date a school photographer will visit Nursery to take individual and class photographs for you to purchase if you wish. You will receive good notice of this. 



A voluntary monthly contribution of £5.00 is paid on the first Monday in the month, from October onwards, in an envelope with your child’s name on the front and ’Snack Fund’


The Nursery Fund is used to purchase food for snack time - for example - fruit, bread, cheese and crackers.  Ingredients for baking are also purchased.   Any fund money which is not spent on snacks is used to purchase extra equipment and toys.


We like to encourage independence at break times and so children will be asked to butter their toast, help make sandwiches, cut food, pour water/milk, etc.  You can encourage this type of independence at home as well.



Please note that we operate a healthy eating policy and nut free environment in Nursery. If you wish us to celebrate your child’s birthday please send in some packets of wotsits/crisps for the children to share at snack time. Or, if you prefer to send in something sweet, these items need to be individually wrapped so that the children can take them home at the end of nursery. Please check with staff in advance of sending in food incase of any dietary requirements within the class.



Children work hard to produce paintings, drawings and art work.  Please praise your child’s efforts and take work home from the stand in the hallway.


Junk Art Contributions:  Boxes, sweet wrappers, unused envelopes, used stamps, travel forms, wrapping paper, scraps of material, ribbon, etc are all welcome. Please do not send in toilet roll tubes, egg boxes and packaging that contained food with nuts as we are unable to use these items. Thank-you



During the nursery year the children enjoy a number of learning experiences provided by visitors into nursery and we also organise an educational visit out of school in spring time.  Any permission slips associated with visitors or trips out of school must be signed and returned  in advance to enable your child to participate in these activities.