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Accessing Google Classroom

Logging into Google Classroom from home on a web browser

  1. Open your browser and bring up the Google homepage. If no other Google account (Gmail) has been used, your child will be asked to 'Sign In'. If other Gmail accounts are used within the household, your child will need to select 'add another account'
  2. When brought to the sign in page, your child should insert their username, followed by the domain of (see photos below)
  3. As an added security measure, the user will then be redirected to another secure login page, upon where the child should again insert their and their password (they will have already used this password in school).
  4. Once logged in, by clicking on the 'nine dots' in the top right-hand corner, they will see the option of clicking on Google Classroom and accessing their classroom for this year.


Using Google Classroom on a tablet.

Google have provided Google Workplace Apps across all device App Stores. To access and work most effectively within Google Classroom, we would ask that you download this App for your child, and to follow the instructions detailed above.

Accessing Google Classroom ( domain)