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Foundation: P1 & P2

Welcome to Foundation Stage

Within Foundation Stage, encompassing Years 1 & 2, we embrace a hands-on approach to our learning, building on the learning experiences that children bring to school from home and pre-school settings.  We strive to engage our children, foster their strengths and challenge each individual to be the very best that they can be.


In keeping with our school ethos - to encourage learning, independence of thought and the cultivation of self-belief, skill, wisdom and curiosity - we believe a thematic curriculum (one where the different elements of the children’s learning centre around a common topic) offers the ideal platform.  


Our curriculum helps to engage and inspire children of all abilities as a result of stimulating, child-centred, thematic, cross-curricular termly units of work which encourage collaborative learning and address learning styles.  


Foundation Stage teachers have some flexibility in terms of what they teach, which means they can:

  • follow the interests of the children;
  • make links to their previous learning; and
  • help the children appreciate that the skills they have learned in one area can be applied elsewhere.


The Big Picture of the Primary Curriculum (CCEA Website)