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What does Nursery offer your child?

It is now widely recognised that a Nursery education is of great value. 

A Nursery school, with its professionally trained Teachers and Nursery Assistants, is able to provide a wide range of opportunities for the intellectual, physical, social and emotional development of each individual child in its care.


In our Nursery Unit we welcome and encourage your support and interest in the day-to-day activities.  This enables your child to gain a positive attitude towards Nursery and a sense of security in his/her new environment.


During their time at Nursery, the teacher is aware of the development of each child and his or her individual needs.  Therefore, the variety and arrangement of the play materials provided is extremely important.


The teacher/nursery assistant helps each child to form stable relationships with his/her peers and other adults outside the family circle, thus encouraging a sense of responsibility and consideration for others.  This new found independence helps to develop his/her self confidence and self esteem.


The wide variety of materials provided in the school, ie - art and craft, sand, water, dough, clay, paint, etc, give the children the opportunity to be creative and expressive.


Language development is also a very important part of our curriculum.  We encourage the children’s use of language in a variety of situations, including the use of books, stories, poetry, rhymes and songs and varied play situations.


Equally important is the child’s ability to use his/her body effectively, by providing the opportunity to run, climb, slide, cycle, etc in the safety of a supervised, enclosed play area.  There is easy access to the bathroom.  Training in personal hygiene is strongly encouraged.


At every opportunity in the Nursery Unit, the teacher or assistant is there to enable the children to learn and achieve success through the materials provided and also to stimulate his/her curiosity, thus encouraging his/her intellectual development.


Nursery is the first step for your child from home into the arena of education and with your help we endeavour to provide him/her with the very best.


Children learn so much during their pre-school year - their play time is learning time and it is hard work.  Please praise, respect and encourage their efforts.